Chaga Mushroom Australia: The Ultimate Guide!


  1. What Is Chaga Mushroom?
  2. Who Are The Best Producers of Chaga Mushroom In Australia?
  3. Bonus Offer For Our Readers!
  4. FAQ:
Inonotus obliquus

What Is Chaga Mushroom?:

Who Are The Best Producers Of Chaga Mushroom In Australia?:

1.) SuperFeast:

buy superfeast chaga
superfeast mushrooms
  1. Customer Service — with some of the best customer service I’ve experienced from any online retailer, SuperFeast have become quite well-known for having a brilliant buyer experience. Postage is quick, the team is super-friendly and every order comes with a personal hand-written note!
  2. Sourcing Standards — SuperFeast goes to extremes to uphold the Di Tao philosophy, meaning all products are sourced wild or wild-crafted in their home regions. In alignment with their ‘Earth First’ policy, SuperFeast’s Chaga is grown wild on the break of select birch trees, and only harvested at the correct time to ensure maximum potency and sustainability.
  3. Complete Transparency — As a 100% family-owned business, SuperFeast put it all on the table. From internal and independent pesticide, heavy metal & microbiological testing through to regular audits and supplier visits, they are always working to operate to the highest standard. You can view all these practices in detail here.
  4. Uniquely Processed for Super High-Potency -SuperFeast’s Chaga Mushroom powder is dual-extracted in a 10:1 ratio, meaning that 10kg of mushroom is processed down to 1kg of powder. They work with the ‘sclerotia’ which is the complete woody mycelium mix to make sure they retain all medicinal aspects (such as betulinic acid).

2.) Life Cykel

buy life cykel chaga mushroom
Life Cykel mushrooms
  1. Circular Economics’ — Life Cykel works tirelessly to create a ‘circular economy’ — meaning they look to reuse resources & recycle wastage at every step. One of their best examples of this is recovering massive amounts of discarded coffee grounds from local cafes, and using them as the substrate for many of their mushrooms.
  2. Liquid Extracts — Alongside powdered extracts, Life Cykel also produce potent dual-extracted 1:2 liquid mushroom tinctures. Many people find these much easier to take than powders.
  3. High-Quality Sourcing — Life Cykel Chaga is sourced and wild-harvested from it’s natural growing regions of the United States. All raw material is extensively and independently tested for moulds, contaminants, metals and toxins, as well as potency!
  4. Shipping?: Worldwide

3.) Teelixir

buy teelixir chaga mushroom australia
teelixir mushrooms

4.) Host Defense:

buy host defense chaga
host defence mushrooms
  1. Easy Capsules — Host Defense Chaga mushroom comes as vegetarian-friendly capsules, making them arguably the easiest to take of any extracts listed here.
  2. Only Mycelium, No Sclerotia — Host Defense opt to use only the Chaga mycelium, not the sclerotia which is the woody mass of mycelium combined with birch bark. Host Defense claim this increases the potency of the extract, however, there are different viewpoints on the benefits of including or excluding the sclerotia.
  3. Mushroom Pioneers- With over 40 years of research experience and publishing, there is no denying that the driving force behind Host Defense, Paul Stamets, is as educated and respected as they come. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to all of the companies procedures and products.
  4. All-Organic & Grown ‘In-House’ All Host Defense mushrooms are certified organic and sustainably grown on their own farm in Washington State, USA. This allows them to maintain a rigorous and well-controlled organic standard, and test everything methodically and extensively.
  5. Shipping? — Worldwide

Bonus Offer For Our Readers!:


1.) Does Chaga Mushroom Grow In Australia?

2.) How To Use Chaga Mushroom Extract?

3.) How To Make Chaga Mushroom Tea?

  1. Add 1 serve of your favourite extract (usually 1 tsp of powder or 1 dropper of liquid) to 250ml of hot water
  2. Add 1/2 tsp of manuka honey or maple syrup to sweeten lightly
  3. Stir thoroughly and enjoy!
Chaga Tea ceremony
Chaga Tea Anyone?

That’s A Wrap:




Head honcho at The Bircher Bar. Testing, tasting, researching and writing for many years now to explore everything health, happiness and feeling good.

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Darcy Ogdon-Nolan

Darcy Ogdon-Nolan

Head honcho at The Bircher Bar. Testing, tasting, researching and writing for many years now to explore everything health, happiness and feeling good.

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